Crane Camera Systems

Technik-1 has partnered with Blokcam UK to offer the state of the art crane camera systems to boost site safety and equipment productivity.

The Process Explained

How the BlokCam Crane Camera System works…

On the Hook Block

The Sensor captures video and audio feed from below the hook block and sends it to the transmitter at the top of the hook block. From there it is broadcasted to the antenna configuration on the jib/boom. The battery powers both the transmitter and the AV Sensor. Each component attaches magnetically and can be mounted anywhere on the block, including between the cheek plates.

Receiver/Antenna fitting on the Jib/Boom

The receiver/antenna configuration receives the wireless signal from the transmitter and is relayed back to a monitor in the cab. The number of antennas installed depends on the length and type of jib.

In The operators cab

The live audio visual feed is then processed and displayed on the screen positioned inside the cab, allowing the operator to see and hear live footage of everything beneath the hook.

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